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Meaning Behind Valentine’s Day, Origin Of Valentine Day

Meaning behind Valentine’s day, origin of Valentine day

Valentine day is not just about exchanging gifts. It is much more than buying hallmark’s Valentine cards and chocolate baskets.

This day is looked as a special day to express emotions and feelings towards your partner. When we think about such a festival which rich history, many random questions pop into our mind.

What makes Valentine the most romantic time of the month? How should one celebrate the festival of love? What is the meaning of such a day in our lives?

And in order to search for all such answers of these questions. We need to back into the 1st century, where it got all started.


Meaning Behind Valentine's Day, Origin Of Valentine Day Madonna Love Quote For Valentine Day


Origin of Valentine day: –


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The origin of Valentine which was earlier celebrated as Lupercalia. The festival included stripping down naked and smash young Roman maiden. The festival helped men to increase their fertility.

On the streets, goats were sacrificed and worshiped to the Goddess of Love. Mens used to bore whips in their hands which were made of goatskin.

They struck the women who came in there way who were wanting to escape from the reproach of infertility. to Christianize, the Pagan festival of Lupercalia, churches used the illustration of St. Valentine.


Happy Valentine’s Day: –


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Back in the 3rd century, when Roman Empire was ruled by Claudius II. The emperor used to think marriages make warrior weak. To make his army invincible, he ordered to never allow any men to marry further.

Valentine saw this as unfair towards soldiers and taught of taking a stance against his own emperor. He continued performing marriages for soldiers in secrets.

Once Emperor got to knew about Valentine, he sentenced him to death. While the time Valentine was in jail, he wrote a romantic letter to his lover.

He signed the letter “from your love” which remains now the tradition of writing romantic letters. In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared 14th February as Valentine’s day honoring St. Valentine.


Meaning Behind Valentine’s Day: –


Meaning Behind Valentine's Day, Origin Of Valentine Day, Happy Valentine's Day, Images Of Valentines Day, Photos Of Valentines Day, Pics Of Valentines Day,


Valentine has always been about the celebration of love. Valentine day is the halt against selfishness, greediness, and crushing self-esteem of the Emperor.

A fight which brought back the basic rights to the soldiers. And, a cost of person (Valentine) who taught people about the gift of love.

Once a day of halt against wrong, and today a day of love. It is the God’s way of telling the human kind about the beautiful feeling being present amongst them.

A special day which brought us a day to celebrate love!

That’s all folks, happy Valentine’s day!

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