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Valentine’s Day History And Traditions, Origin

Valentine’s day history and traditions, origin

To understand the significance of Valentine and history of Valentine’s day. We need to understand two important events in history around the 2nd century.

The first event was the Roman party festival called Lupercalia which was celebrated to increase fertility. We could say this is where the celebration of Valentine originated.

The second event is the reality of the person (Valentine) who fought against his own emperor. In order to prevent unfair orders of snatching the basic rights of his own soldiers. The rights of marrying a girl in their life.


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Valentine’s Day History And Origin: –


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In order to help you understand how Valentine day transformed into the celebration, it is today. We first need to take a look at the Pagan festival of Lupercalia (origin of Valentine).

1. Lupercalia

Lupercalia was the Pagan festival celebrated in mid-February. This was the time of the month when Roman men used to strip down naked and spanked young maiden in hopes of increasing their fertility.

But as Christianity took hold over Europe. Churches tried to the Christianize the festival of Lupercalia.

2. The Story of St. Valentine: –


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Around 3rd Century, the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II. He used to think that marriage cause distractions in soldiers. And, in order to make his army invincible. He restricted his own army man from any marital activities.

A man named Valentine found Emperor’s order unfair towards soldiers. So, he decided to go against his orders.

Going Against the Emperor’s orders means death, so he decided to perform marriages in secret. He was the only man who stood against the wrong without thinking about his own life.

Soon, the Emperor knew about Valentine’s practices. And, order him death sentence on 14th of February. While the time Valentine was in jail, he felt in love with the jailer’s daughter. A day before his death, he wrote a letter to his partner ending with “from love, Valentine”.

Valentine death taught many others the lesson of love, the fight for freedom. In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared 14th of February as Valentine’s day. A day dedicated to lovers to appreciate each other’s company, and celebrate love.


How Valentine Day Transforms Into Celebration It Is Today – Valentine’s Day Tradition: –


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In the 5th Century, Pope Gelasius declared 14th February to be celebrated as Valentine’s Day. This day marked a day where loved one’s show their feeling to each other.

By 15th Century, people started sending Valentine greetings to their loved ones. And, by the end of 17th Century, it all caught on in Great Britain and the United States.

By the help of Industrialization, the custom of sending printed cards caught on in 1840’s. Slowly, the act of sending flowers, chocolates, and gifts became part of Valentine’s day celebration.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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