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Valentine’s Day Origin, Meaning Of Valentines Day

Valentine’s day origin, meaning of Valentines day

Valentine – A beautiful time of the year or to be specific; the most romantic time of the year. We celebrate this festival of love by exchanging gifts, flowers, and chocolates. A beautiful opportunity for a person to express his/her feeling to the person he likes the most.

These 3 facts make it obvious to understand why everyone awaits for Valentine.

  1. Around 6 million couples are likely to get engaged on Valentine day.
  2. 53% of the women are likely to end their relationship if they didn’t get anything on Valentine day.
  3. Around 13% of the women send themselves gifts and flowers on Valentine day.

Even though how crazy it may seem, it all started in the 1st century A.D. The celebration of Pagan festival which included sacrificing goats to worship Goddess of Love.

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Valentine’s Day Origin: –


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The celebration of Valentine which was earlier known as Lupercalia (the festival of love). During this festival (mid-February) Roman men used to strip down naked and spanked young maiden in hopes of increasing their fertility.

Goats were sacrificed on the streets and they bore whips in their hands. The whips were made of strips of goatskin. With these, they struck the women who got in their way.

In order to Christianize this festival, Pope Gelasius declared Valentine as the new festival of love honoring St. Valentine.

To understand how Valentine celebrations became the celebrations it is today?

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We just talked about St. Valentine and why churches decided to Christianize festival under his name. But who was St. Valentine and what did he do?

Back in the 3rd century, the Roman Empire was ruled by Claudius II. The emperor who taught marriages makes men weak on war fields. He ordered his army men to never marry anyone in their life.

St. Valentine found this unfair and stood up against the orders of the Emperor. The continued performing marriage ceremonies in secret.

Soon emperor came to know about his practices and order him a 3-way death sentenced.

While the time Valentine was in jail, we wrote a letter to his partner (lover). The romantic letter was signed off as said, “from your Valentine”. This became the custom of signing off letters to lovers.

Valentine died on 14th February but taught people about the gift of love. The reason we celebrate Valentine day is because we understand the significance of love in one’s life. We do understand the meaning of love deeper than any other hallmark cards and gifts.

So, whether it would be Lupercalia or Valentine, we all need someone in life with whom we can share our feelings too.

To understand the significance of Valentine day.

That’s all folks, happy Valentine day!

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