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What Does Valentine’s Day Means, Story Of Valentine’s Day

What Does Valentine’s Day Means, Story Of Valentine’s Day

Often said as Valentine’s day is the God’s gift of love to humankind. But the reality is different than we could think off. When it comes to Valentine’s day, we think of it as a day to spend it with our loved one.

We continue to celebrate the same way as everyone else does. How does that thought ever came to our mind? To know the answer we need to go back to the 3rd century A.D. This was the era when it got all started.

So, if would be the 7 days of Valentine or sending gifts and cards. Everything has a story behind it. This is the reason we bring you the truth with the story of Valentine’s day…


Story of Valentine’s day

What Does Valentine's Day Means, Story Of Valentine's Day

*Story of Valentine’s day goes back in the 3rd century. This was the time when Christianity was taking hold over Europe. And, they oppose the Pagan festival of Lupercalia. (Valentine day traditions)

During this time the Roman Empire was ruled by an egoistic ruler. A ruler who thought marriages makes men weak and should be banned in his empire. Any soldier who goes against king’s orders would get his partner kidnapped.

Only one man showed his bravery to go against the emperor. St. Valentine started performing marriage anniversary in secrets. Even though he knew the consequences of going against the emperor, Valentine continued his practice.

Sooner he was caught and was announced a death sentenced to a three-part execution of beating, stoning, and finally decapitation on 14th of February. Before his punishment, he was put into jail.

This was the time when he felt in love with the jailer’s daughter. The night before his death sentenced he wrote a letter ending with words “From love Valentine”. The technique which we still follow in the modern world.

Even though Valentine was dead, he taught the people about love and freedom. It was because of his efforts, soldiers got back their rights to marry their partners.

In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius announced 14th of February as St. Valentine’s day. A day celebrated with feast aka Valentinus feast honoring St. Valentine. Soon the custom started off proposing partners on Valentine’s day which we still continue in the 21st century.

This was the story of Valentine’s day. In the 15th century, Great Britain started the trend of exchanging romantic cards. Soon by the 18th century, advertising helped a new custom of exchanging gifts and celebrating 7 days of Valentine.


What does Valentine’s day mean?

What Does Valentine's Day Means, Story Of Valentine's Day

Valentine day is the halt against selfishness, greediness, and crushing self-esteem of the Emperor. A fight which brought back the basic rights to the soldiers. And, a cost of person (Valentine) who taught people about the gift of love.

Once a day of halt against wrong, and today a day of love. It is the God’s way of telling the human kind about the beautiful feeling being present amongst them.

Valentine day is not just about sending cards, flowers, and gifts. It is more than buying Hallmark Valentine’s cards and chocolate gift baskets. The day of romance and for forming relationships that can last a lifetime.

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