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What Is The Meaning Of Valentine’s Day, History, Origin

What Is The Meaning Of Valentine’s Day, History, Origin

Sometimes the places where we take for granted without knowing their meaning have the most interesting. In the case of Valentine, we celebrate it as the festival of love, exchange gift, flowers, and chocolates. But, Valentine comes from the rich history and originally as a festival to increase fertility.

Yes, the festival of love was the driving force to increase fertility for the Romans men back in the 1st century. In order to help you understand the Roman festival and transformation it is now, we would go back in the 1st century A.D.

Even though the modern time celebration of Valentine day is quite different from the traditional ones. It still the only festival of the year which helps him/her to open their heart and feeling towards their partner.

This article will help you differentiate between the traditional and the modern celebration. Also, help you understand what Valentine was about and how it has transformed varyingly. So, here is the meaning of Valentine’s day, history, origin…


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Valentine’s Day Origin (Lupercalia): –


What Is The Meaning Of Valentine's Day, History, Origin, Heart Shape Hands Photos Of Valentine Days


The origin of Valentine’s day was the Roman festival “Lupercalia”. This festival which was celebrated by mid-February. Lupercalia was one’s of the crazy partying festival and enjoyed by Romans.

The Roman men used to strip down naked and spanked young maiden in hopes of increasing their fertility. The celebration included sacrificing goats to worship the goddess of Love.

They bore whips in their hands, which were made of strips of goatskin. With these, they struck the women who got in their way who were wanting to escape from the reproach of barrenness.

The 1st century was also the crucial time for Christianity. The religion was slowly taking hold over the Europe. And, they were against the celebration of such a festival because it included nudity.

In order to Christianize Lupercalia, churches approved this heathen fertility feast under the name of St. Valentine.


Valentine’s Day History (St. Valentine): –


What Is The Meaning Of Valentine's Day, History, Origin, Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine's Day, Valentines Day HD, Valentines Day Images, Valentines Day Photos, Valentines Day Pictures, Valentines Day Pics, Valentines Day Wallpaper


We just talk about how churches Christianized the festival of Lupercalia under the name of Valentine. But, who was St. Valentine and what he did to influence the festival of love?

By the time in the 3rd century, the Roman empire was ruled by Claudius II. The one was thought marriages (love) distracts Roman men in wars. And in order to be invincible, he forced orders to never allow any soldiers to marry further.

St. Valentine – a young priest from the empire found emperor’s order unfair to the soldiers. He decided to take actions against the emperors’ order and started performing marriages in secrets.

Eventually, emperor came to know about to know about Valentine actions and announced death sentenced on February 14th. During his time in jail, Valentine fell in love with jailer’s daughter.

This is where he wrote a romantic letter ending with words “From Your Love”. This marked as a precedent of writing letters to the loved ones. Valentine was sentenced to a three-part execution of beating, stoning and decapitation.

The terror of Emperor Claudius II continued for a long time. In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius declared 14th of February to be celebrated as Valentine’s day.

What Is The Meaning Of Valentine’s Day: –


What Is The Meaning Of Valentine's Day, History, Origin, Valentine's Day, Happy Valentine Day, Valentine Day Images, Valentine Day Pics, Valentine Day Pictures


Valentine day is the halt against selfishness, greediness, and crushing self-esteem of the Emperor. A fight which brought back the basic rights to the soldiers. And, a cost of person (Valentine) who taught people about the gift of love.

So, whether it would be Lupercalia or Valentine, we all need someone in life with whom we can share our feelings too.


That’s all folks, happy Valentine’s day!

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